Art and Dialogue Presentation Topics

Artist Catie Faryl will present artwork and facilitate a dialogue with your group by appointment.

With a humorous light touch, plenty of color, and deep observation and reverence for the planet and our regional efforts to sustain a lifestyle or survive any future crisis, Catie shows her artwork and engages the audience with time for their ideas, comments, questions and answers.

Some sample topics are provided below.  In order to provide this service, she requests that media equipment is made available and that a member of your group can help with the technical aspects of her presentation(s).

If possible, a monetary donation to her work would be appreciated, or permission from you to sell her artwork that is relevant to your efforts at the presentation.  Catie will provide upon request a Resource List for your particular field of interest, including films and other sources of background and action.

Sample topics:

  1.   “Mother Nature Says Clean Up Your Room” – in a visual slide show presented by Catie in the persona of Mother Nature, a basic overview of the messy room known as Earth and ideas for straightening it up
  2. “Global Weirding” – having coined this phrase back in 2006, in order get people to stop arguing about whether Climate Change was real, and get them to look at common ground, you will enjoy and relate to Caties images and comments about the “Global Weirding” phenomena
  3. “The Collapse of Cuckoo Kingdom” – artwork and dialogue about business, economies, media hype and how small business and all of us have been impacted and what steps can be taken to reclaim focus and stakeholder status for all citizens
  4. “Digging Out from the Dirty Decades” – artwork and discussion that lets us look at how we got here and what can be done about it.  An ironic and chronological review of images that can be opened to dialogue for new insights
  5. “Through a Glass, Greenly” and “Circus of the Soul” – explore the human condition through myth and better stories in this believer’s view of planetary stewardship and our responsibilities to that task
  6. “Shift Happens” –  artwork that looks ahead to the “Singularity and the 6th Extinction”, Genetic Engineering, and other cautionary observations that the artist has gleaned from what she has studied, observed and created about future trends and why we need to open our eyes to the world that’s evolving
  7. “Shadow Dance” – reclaiming the personal and global shadow, lampooning grandiosity in the world of celebrity, big business and politics, while looking at self empowerment, this  is an artist’s journey that is a cathartic experience for viewers.  Gappling with a “Gordian Knot” of societal issues, including addiction, love, exploitation, energy and economics, propaganda and misuse of media, homelessness, and difficulties of the family and individual are visited with an optimistic view of how we can cut through the problems by incorporating the Shadows in self and culture.
Ashland, Oregon  February 6, 2013