Catie Faryl Welcomes You

Catie Faryl - Keepaway Game From the American People, Monotype Print from the "The Bridge to 2020" series by artist Catie Faryl, 2013.

Keepaway Game From the American People

Catie Faryl - Don't Shop with G-Nome, Monotype Print from the "Don't Shop with G-Nome" series by artist Catie Faryl, 2013.

Don’t Shop with G-Nome, Monotype Print from the “Don’t Shop with G-Nome” series by artist Catie Faryl, 2013.

Catie Faryl summarizes the motivation for her work with this statement:

The world is in constant motion. We grasp at the patterns we perceive in nature and struggle with belief systems to try and make sense of our world. Art is my way of trying to understand. The art I make doesn’t give any answers. It sometimes raises questions and present mysteries to the viewer. When I’m making a painting, print or drawing it is like writing a poem. It is my way of conveying a feeling, idea or observation. It is how I connect myself to the world and acknowledge the human condition, which can be both tragic and comic. Since I have discovered no universal truths, I continue to ask the eternal questions. I invite you to view my work and also to engage in a dialogue of socially and politically relevant questions pertinent to our common human experiences. We live in times that test the soul; art is a way of trying to understand.

~ Catie Faryl

Support Catie’s work with a purchase of her insightful artwork illustrating environmental and non-GMO subjects or one of her products!

First, take some time to review Catie’s extensive online art galleries and product pages. When you have found the piece(s) you are interested in using or buying, contact the artist by sending an email using the form on her contact page. You will also find her phone number there if you prefer to give her a call, and her mailing address where you can send payments and donations.

Help this incredibly informed activist/artist make a difference ~
Schedule Catie Faryl for a Speaking Engagement at your group or event!

I would like to share my artwork and create dialogue for your group, meeting or event about current topics such as Climate Change (what I’ve called “Global Weirding“), job creation, stewardship of the planet, challenges for the spiritual, health care and educational communities in our times, consciousness-raising and possible answers for environmental, social and political issues. Using humor, satire and colorful paintings and ironic, amusing prose I can present images and facilitate a discussion from the various bodies of artwork displayed on my website, or organize a special show with you to present information and insight you are seeking. Learn more on my Art and Dialogue Presentation page. A modest fee for my services can be negotiated. Please visit my contact page for contact information and to inquire.

1 thought on “Catie Faryl Welcomes You

  1. Suzanne McQueen

    You are an inspiration. I know we are all focused on the causes that seem to come through us to present as our piece to the peace puzzle. I often feel overwhelmed and not at all caught up. But your posts always inspire me to care – to wake up what may have been a slumber. Keep it going. I’m listening and learning from you. You are making a difference in the world. – Suz

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