Shadow & Spirit

Babel and Blood Moons

 “Shadow & Spirit”
Artwork and Writings by Catie Faryl

“The world is in constant motion. We grasp at patterns we perceive in nature and try to make sense of the world” . . . . . that was part of my 1st art statement 25 years ago. I’ve come to see how spirit and shadow interplay and the importance of contemplation before to moving into action. There is strength in both spirit and shadow that can be harnessed for change.

As the close of the year approaches, our thoughts turn to celebrations and to remembering those we’ve lost, giving thanks and gifts, and wondering what the new year will bring. Because my artwork has centered around the human condition (still just a little more comic than tragic!), my themes have become less personal and more directed at sharing ideas and “re-framing” issues with new perspectives.

Shining light on what may seem dark is a way to move forward. In this and past shows, I’ve explored the idea that “there is no darkness, only lack of light”. I employ art as a tool for change, along with written words to create dialogue and seek possible solutions. To a great extent “As we believe, so it will be”. The future is malleable and manageable if we work together to share and to respect nature and each other. With art, truth, hard work, fortitude and belief we can find answers and positive actions to benefit all sentient and elemental beings.

Catie Faryl
October 2022

Shadow & Spirit Collection

We Have Met the Zombies, and They Are Our Apathy, Monotype Print from the "The Bridge to 2020" series by artist Catie Faryl, 2013.

 “We Have Met the Zombies and They are our Apathy”

Ink monotype   16” x  20”  $300

Every year I keep track of the most popular Halloween costume.

I came to believe that “zombies” are a metaphor for our feelings of disconnection, apathy and doom.  Glad to see zombies are less in the mainstream media this year as people organize to address the climate crisis and work for social justice.


Watercolor monotype   16” x 20”    $300

Facebin is a visual reminder of how society has its “throw-away” people – the ones who’ve fallen out of the social safety net, or who chose to face life and death on their own terms.  Facebin is where who don’t care file and forget those less fortunate.

“DJ of Doom”

Ink monotype    16” x 20”    $350

This picture lampoons all the TV and movie specials about impending disasters and the end of the world,  These distractions feed our complacency and allow us to look away from real solutions and the work and attention they require.

“Babel and Blood Moons”

Watercolor           16”x 20”          $350

Blood moons are associated with eclipses and prophecies of doomsday events, but for me the fear-mongering and too much info flowing through texts, TV, tweets, etc. reminds me of Babel Tower. Seems like we might end up with huge disconnects not caused by celestial events but because millions of people engage in a massive game of “Telephone”, where final message has no resemblance to the original thought. Are we getting lost in our own Babble?

Runaway Passion
Runaway Passion

“Runaway Passion”

Watercolor     14” x 16”     $150

The Morning After (Hell to Pay)

“The Morning After: Hell to Pay”

Watercolor  28” x 36”  $400

“The Gift”

Watercolor 20” x 24”  $350

The Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend has emerged from the water to hand a delicate world to the King Stag. Unfortunately, the hooves of his stag costume make it impossible to hold the fragile globe and he’s unable or unwilling to let go of his guise or identify,  The Lady, a Mother Nature figures has grown old ad tired.  Where is the Green Man?

“Cyborg Syndrome”

Ink monotype   16” x 20”    $300

Are we moving towards the Singularity when man merges with machine? Can we respect the age-old adage “All things in moderation?” and make judicious call of the good offerings of technology while spurning its invasive and seductive call?

Minute After Midnight

“Minute after Midnight”

Watercolor    18” x 24”     $300

“A Patchwork Universe”

Watercolor     28” x 36”    $400

Sometimes thing don’t make sense  in this world  Why are some people rich and others always struggling? Is it a “Patchwork Universe” pieced together with whatever was on hand? A “princes and the pea” sits on her mountain of mattress comfort and weeps for the world’s suffering while the hungry and poor beg for her help, not her tears.  The devil sweeps in in sympathy for all who have fallen in this world.

Passing Pleasantries in a Deluge, Monotype Print from the "The Bridge to 2020" series by artist Catie Faryl, 2013.

“Passing Pleasantries in a Deluge”

Ink monotype 16” x 20”  $300

This painting is from my “Global Weirding” exhibit at Southern Oregon University. The scene and title are a new take on the old expression “Fiddling While Rome Burns”.  How people can continue with business as usual in the face of this century’s myriad extreme weather events is tribute to the unflappable design of the standard human model.  Now in 2022 we face the consequences of our risk-taking and our difficulties with making proactive change.

The Revellers

“The Revellers”

Watercolor  46” x 30”     $750

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