Man & Myth Collection

The search for meaning through art, music and literature offers us many stories and perceptions of human presence on Earth. 

Milton’s Paradise Lost is a tale of heaven and human folly. Fallen angels and spiritual beings in all religions lead us to explore our human aspects, our human errors and perhaps how to mend them. 

The Arthurian legend, bible and other religions’ stories, parables, songs, books and fairytales help us understand power struggles, relationships, hopes, dreams and obstacles. We can be encouraged by works of art to forgive and move forward. Our world needs us to recognize and correct our shortcomings and remedy our mistakes.

The Gift by Catie Faryl

The Gift
2000  Watercolor   20” x 26”   $300

"Word Magic" by Catie Faryl

Word Magic
2002  Watercolor   $450

Maybe Adam Should Have Paid More Attention
2005        $200

Faye by Catie Faryl

2008   Print of watercolor 16” x 20″    $150

The Morning After
2000   Watercolor   28” x 37″   $500

End Days by Catie Faryl

End Days
2012  Watercolor   11” x 15”   $225

The Fates by Catie Faryl

The Fates
2022    Watercolor    16” x 20”     $200