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Balance Art Card Deck

72-card Balance Deck

Balance Art Card Deck

The Balance Deck is 72 cards of artwork and writing that can be used for fun, sharing, or introspection. Each card has an image on one side and the corresponding description on the other side. Simply fan the deck, pick a card that interests you, and read about the deeper meanings of that image. All artwork is subject to interpretation by the viewer, and will be a source of amusement, insight, and inspiration for you and your friends.

The cards have been popular with women’s groups, therapists, and as conversation starters. While not designed as a divination deck, random card choices can be surprisingly synchronistic with the situation of the person selecting the card.

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Greeting Cards and Color Prints are available of every image in the Balance Art Card Deck:

4 1/2 ” x 5 1/2 ” greeting cards in cellophane sleeves
$3 per card plus $1.00 shipping and handling for up to 10 cards, with $1 extra for
every additional 10 cards

8 ” x 10 ” color reproductions, unmatted
$10 and $1.00 shipping and handling, add .50 cents for every additional print

8 ” x 10 ” color reproductions, matted
$15 and 1.25 shipping and handling, add .65 cents for every additional matted print

Some original artwork is also available, please inquire about prices.

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