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Three Million Jobs

This is a free small book of 14 job program ideas that I wrote right after the inauguration in response to President Obama’s statement that we need to create 3 million jobs in 3 months. My approach is a lot more “from the bottom up” that the recent stimulus package. I hope the stimulus works, but am still sending this out to anyone who might want to implement some ideas that can start with very little financial investment and begin organizing work that addresses peak oil, water,
land, etc. To help with the general public learning about the “sustainability” movement, I will be
interviewing experts on my radio show “Mother Nature Says Clean Up Your Room” on our local
non profit radio station, KSKQ 94.9 FM. It airs Thursdays at 1 pm. You can also access it anytime on your computer on KSKQ.org, look in archives. I’m hoping my new column with the
same title will be available through the Ashland Daily Tidings soon.

In Ashland we are already working on “Stone Soup” gleaned food restaurant (Susan Powell (Global Pantry/Sustainable Meals), Pamela Joy (Food and Friends), myself and others, and KSKQ is considering using Addressing Change as an ongoing fundraiser.

Please feel free to print this document and/or send it to any representatives,
non-profits, or individuals who might need or read. See you all at the Food Security Conference
next weekend at the Bellview Grange. For information on the conference visit