The Revellers

The Revellers

The Revellers

Aquarian Eyes

(A Prayer for Artists in the Coming Age)

Make a joyous gesture
In colors jubilant with contradiction.
Create a scene. Perpetuate
A sneak preview of dawning expectation.

Guide the way with antiquarian papers
And Aquarian eyes.
Climb ambiguity’s staircase
And peer over banality’s wall where hope resides.

Light the path, illuminate each passage:
Be bellwether, not flock.
Keyhole, not cage.
Chink, not armour.
Window, not cave.

Pour paint, etch deeply, apply impasto.
Disregard impostors, disdain critics.
Dance for disbelievers and dispel all doubts.
Be torrent, not pool.
Guide, not guest.
Self, not seeker.
Soul, not serenade.
Mobilize. Improvise. Transmute. Move.

Swim in cerulean, heal with vermillion –
Embrace the magic and beauty that’s you.
Propose. Proceed. Predict. Divine!!

~ Catie Faryl
December 1999