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In the news  April 14, 2013 from the Chamber of Common


A New Civil Rights Movement: Liberating Our Communities from Corporate Control

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Published on Apr 2, 2013

Thomas Linzey, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) joins Thom Hartmann. Towns across Pennsylvania are fighting back against corporate power – all in an effort to put the power of the people back into our Democracy. How will these efforts in the Keystone State influence the national fight to overturn Citizen’s United – and take corporate cash our of politics?

CELDF is making sense with its interpretation of the problems surrounding the tightening box of laws and restrictions and why is it so difficult to escape this box. In a presentation today at Josephine County Fairgrounds, Kai Huschke spoke on Community Rights vs Corporate Control. The presentation was sponsored by Illinois Valley Pesticide Awareness Coalition and GMO Free Jackson County.  Friend them on Facebook. and ask about the video of Kai’s talk

Kai will speak on Monday at 11 am at the Ashland Library following the 9 to 11 am meeting of GMO Free Jackson County






The Environment:

Speakers Allan Savory: Grassland ecosystem pioneer

Allan Savory works to promote holistic management in the grasslands of the world.

Why you should listen to him:

Desertification of the world’s grasslands, Allan Savory suggests, is the immediate cause of poverty, social breakdown, violence, cultural genocide — and a significent contribution to climate change. In the 1960s, while working in Africa on the interrelated problems of increasing poverty and disappearing wildlife, Savory made a significant breakthrough in understanding the degradation and desertification of grassland ecosystems. After decades of study and collaboration, thousands of managers of land, livestock and wildlife on five continents today follow the methodology he calls “Holistic Management.”

In 1992, Savory and his wife, Jody Butterfield, formed the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe, a learning site for people all over Africa. In 2010, the Centre won the Buckminster Fuller Challenge for its work in reversing desertification. In that same year he and his wife, with others, founded the Savory Institute in Boulder, Colorado, to promote large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands.

Intrigued by this talk? Get more resources — videos, books, papers and news >>

“Allan’s message is vital to the restoration of the world’s grasslands — a long-ignored component of the earth’s lungs.”

Christina Allday-Bondy

Quotes by Allan Savory

  • “Burning one hectare of grassland      gives off more, and more damaging, pollutants than 6,000 cars. And we are      burning in Africa, every single year, more than one billion hectares.Watch this talk »More TEDQuotes…


Allan Savory on the Web


March against Monsanto in Medford May 25, 2013 see info on facebook, same name

Good News:

“H.B. 2175, whose chief sponsor is Representative Deborah Boone (D-Cannon Beach), provisions that all foods containing or made with genetically engineered material be properly labeled in the state of Oregon. Any food products made with or containing GMOs that are not properly labeled beginning on January 1, 2014, will be deemed misbranded, and its manufacturer held liable for breaking the state’s food labeling requirements.”Oregon To Ban GM Salmon And Mandate GMO Labeling

One state hopes to lead the country in demanding proper and honest labeling for genetically modified foods.


collecting data on impact of more gmos in oregon

Individuals in Jackson and Josephine Counties are working on compiling a list of organic organizations and businesses across the State of Oregon in order to help Representative Peter Buckley work with legislators on upcoming House Bills that can either positively or negatively impact Oregon’s “green brand”.  If you read please call me at (541) 535-1854 or send me an email at  Check the two sites below and see if you or friends’ businesses have been included.


This data can also be important when  organizing to defeat GMOs on a national level.

If your business isn’t listed, please consider adding it on this site

Also  This seems quite comprehensive, and gives farms, csa’s, markets, ranchers, and more categories to find by zip code.  There is even a search feature for beekeepers and other organic products.

Opposing Senate Bill SB633 – to remove ag/seed control from Counties to State

Comments for Senate Committee regarding Senate Bill 633, Public Hearing Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The issue of Seeds is truly the debate of our time; it brings all differences of belief and opinion to common ground. Seeds represent our Sovereignty and are at the core of all economic freedom. Seeds are the true wealth given to all people, not just to a few patent holders. “Under all is the Land”* is a main theme of our democratic system therefore legislation that privatizes land, water, seed and genes or puts them under the auspices of Big Government involve great risks of undermining the biological, social and economic stability and survivability of our State and our Country.

It is unwise to tamper with the basic patterns established by Mother Nature. Evidence is mounting that foreshadows vast consequences if our State goes “retrograde” by supporting the trajectory of chemical and monoculture food-growing systems while the rest of the world is implementing more successful practices. France, Peru and many other countries have banned or are tightly controlling genetic modifications and breaking the addictive cycle created by dependence on fossil fuel, out of which the industrial-agricultural complex sprung at the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of World War II.

As an artist and writer who observes and illustrates trends and envisions positive solutions, I see SB 633 as counterproductive to the future of our economy and a disconnection from the rising potential, in fact the necessity, of returning to sane agriculture practices under local control.

It is difficult for me to believe multi-national seed and pesticide companies’ claims that their actions are altruistic and that they just “want to Feed the Planet” when the legacy of DDT and other petroleum-based, Big Oil-subsidiary products have been known as carcinogenic, environmentally dangerous money-makers since Rachel Carson wrote “The Silent Spring” in 1962. The use of DDT was banned in America in 1972, yet  farmers were not encouraged to taper off chemical fertilizers and sprays at that time, but were instructed and directed to use and abuse different ag-drugs.

Right now we have the opportunity to reverse the addiction to genetically modified seeds, Round Up Ready and other chemical products being used in large scale farming that actually give less yield and worse outcomes than what Nature, when respected and understood, can provide.  Let’s show some leadership and forward thinking like Vermont, a leader in wise initiatives across America, and many other States who are applying heavy restrictions on GMOs, requiring labeling and seeking bans.

Southern Oregon is known for its organic and gmo-free foods and lifestyle and the trend across the country and the world is also moving in that direction. We want to keep our State an attractive destination for tourists and new residents. (One out of six people I spoke with while canvassing had just moved to the Rogue Valley because of our relatively clean food, water, and air – their health is demanding it!)

Removing local control of these issues will have, in my opinion, significant economic impact due to more farm failures and decreased allure for tourists, not to mention the impact of limiting our ability to grow healthy foods for our region and for export. Without studying the significant repercussions of Senate Bill 633, including backlash against all exports of edible and grow-able products from America, a huge mistake may be made. We will be unable maintain a regional open pollinated seed crop, which in the future may be more valuable than gold or any other wealth.

As a parent, and someone who cares deeply about people and all sentient beings, I am not buying, serving or consuming the products in question. I’d like my future grandchildren to enjoy a healthy Rogue Valley childhood, and along with thousands of concerned citizens I will continue working to co- create the very best future for Oregon. I ask the Senate Committee to please reject Senate Bill 633.

Sincerely, Catie Faryl, Phoenix, Oregon   March 10, 2013


Here are some sources for more information:

U.S.A. produces 53% of GMO crops compared tiny fractions in other countries:

Places where GMOs have been banned:…/93975745_peru-bans-genetically-modified-foods-as-…

Information about health concerns and diseases linked to GMOs:

Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and short video summarizing it at

Videos related to these issues:

“Alcohol can be a Gas” – makes the connection between Big Oil, the destruction of high grade farm fuels through Prohibition and the orchestrated addiction of America to fossil fuels

“The Future of Food”

“Genetic Roulette”


WATER:  Tell the EPA – Don’t Delay to Protect Clean Water

WAR and AVOIDING IT:  article titled Congress walig through back door to war on Iran, Rogue Valley Community Free Press,