Don’t Give Away the Farm: Say Yes to Community Rights – Medford Oregon Library 6 pm 6/30

Letter to the Editor,
There are dozens of groups actively seeking remedy for the planting of GMO crops in our State through peaceful, legal channels.  The Chamber of Commons and Common Sense Sovereignty is addressing this and other areas of corporate overreach such as fracking, taxation, privacy, and takeover of water supplies. We are accomplishing this through education on how people can exercise their Community Rights.     In regard to the article about “economic sabotage” and destruction of a crop in Talent, reported in the June 21, 2013 Ashland Daily Tidings and Medford Mail Tribune, we question the bias of that story.  More than 1000 people marched against Monsanto in Medford on May 25th and our organization collected over 400 signatures in a couple hours that day to advise the federal government to rescind the Monsanto Protection Act.  There is growing public awareness about the multiple dangers of GMO crops, seeds, pollinators and foods.  Our fellow citizens and many of our brave elected officials are working daily to diminish the proliferation of gmos in Oregon and America.    There needs to be a reframing of this and similar issues.  Chemical agriculture and gmo systems are losing their efficacy, and it would be best if these systems were abandoned in order to insure the health, safety and future of America.  The biggest economic threat  is the threat to export dollars since other countries are viewing with distaste, fear and suspicion the crops from Oregon and other states.  And can there be anything more violent and inappropriate on a moral, physical, spiritual or economic level than using gene guns to aggressively shoot trans-species genes into food seeds, not to mention the huge die-off of bees and other sentient beings, the soil, water and air contaminated and damaged by the toxic chemicals needed to grow GMO seeds and crops?   How can we end this type of treatment by corporations like Syngenta, a Swiss company who cannot legally do their experiments and gmo seed testing in their home country?  How can we the people unite and assert our Community Rights to reclaim self-governance and decision-making power for agriculture, energy, water, communications, taxation and in an array of areas being overtaken by big government in league with the “corporotocracy”?  Please join us at 6 pm at Medford Library on Sunday June 30, 2013 to learn from CELDF, the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, how we can reclaim the people’s sovereign rights over our county, our state and our country.  Information about that presentation is attached above.
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