collecting data on impact of more gmos in oregon

A subcommittee of GMO Free Jackson and Josephine Counties are working on compiling a list of organic organizations and businesses across the State of Oregon in order to help Representative Peter Buckley work with legislators on upcoming House Bills that can either positively or negatively impact Oregon’s “green brand”.  If you received this email bcc I already have your contact info but would appreciate you forwarding this to others who may be in other Oregon counties, or if there is something you think I might not have, please call me at (541) 535-1854 or send me an email at  Also please check the two sites below and see if you’ve been included.  This data can also be important when in organizing to defeat GMOs on a national level.
Here’s a good reference source, though rather incomplete for Jackson County.  At least it is organized by State, so legislators should be able to get an idea of at least part of what is happening in each Oregon County. If your business isn’t listed, please consider adding it on their site.       Please check this website and if your business is not on their considering entering it.   I posted it on Champions of the Commons facebook page, since I am having difficulty getting shared posts to get on the general GMO Free Jackson County facebook page.  I posted it also on the GMO Free closed group, but many can not get on there.   Another site, which has National listings, that Gary Fowler found is  This seems quite comprehensive, and gives farms, csa’s, markets, ranchers, and more categories to find by zip code.  There is even a search feature for beekeepers and other organic products.
Do anyone have an opinion about including biofuels and other value added products that are not food? What about health and healing businesses? what about home gardeners and seed savers?

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